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About Die Quip

Tom Maxwell founded Die Quip in 1974 as an equipment builder to make finishing dies faster and easier for an in-house die shop. Mr. Maxwell worked in a die shop for 20 years and saw the need for equipment that produced dies faster and more accurately, which is why he started the company. His two sons Tom and Scott Maxwell are currently running the business since his retirement.

All of our equipment is designed using sound machine designs, time tested work holding methods and built on a rigid platform to consistently make heavy cuts. We are not a die shop that designed equipment for internal use for production of new dies. This makes our philosophy in building tungsten carbide draw die working equipment different than our competition. We have the widest diameter working range of any company in the industry and have products for the wire, bar and tube drawing industries.

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Die Quip Management

Tom Maxwell Jr is Managing Director of Die Quip Corp. and holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial technology-management from California University of Pennsylvania along with an associate’s degree in tool and die design from Alliance College. He started working part time at the company when he was 13 years old then full time when finished with University in 1989. In this time he has worked in field commissioning, research, die training, sales, marketing and die design training.

He is a member of WAI’s board of directors, membership committee and exhibition planning committee along with being the past chairman of the exhibition planning committee and past president of the Ohio Valley Chapter. He authored the paper “Die Design for Large Diameter Wire” that was presented at the WAI’s 74th annual convention, Cleveland, OH June 2004.

Scott Maxwell is the North American Sales Manager and Wire Cutter Product Manager. He holds a bachelor’s of science degree from Slippery Rock University in Education. He has been with Die Quip since 1999 in field sales, customer service, machine installations, training and product management for the wire cutter line.

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Sales Agents

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark

Fritz Leng
Mr. Hans Heppner
Managing Director
Am Heller 1a
35745 Herborn-Schonbach
Phone +49 27777608
Fax +49 27777393
Email – hgh@leng-tools.de

Fritz Leng is a third generation die shop specializing in the production of tungsten carbide and ceramic wire, bar and tube drawing dies and related tooling.  Die design, superior finishing and geometry accuracy is why our tooling produces more product which reduces your tooling cost per ton.  If you are looking for a partner to help you improve your tooling life and efficiency send us you application. 

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Mexico, Central America

Dietec Internacional de Puebla
Mr. Francisco Rodriguez Pacheco
Managing Director
Calz. San. Jeronimo No. 62
San Jeronimo Caleras
Puebla, Peu
Phone +52 2222241698
Fax +52 2222881149
Email – dietec01@yahoo.com.mx

Dietech has been producing superior quality diamond and tungsten carbide tooling for the wire, bar and tube industries for over 40 years.  Our focus has always been on producing the right tool for the application to maximize tool life and production efficiency.  Contact us to analyze your tooling issues or needs to see how we can help reduce your tooling costs. 

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United Kingdom

Select Carbides, Ltd.
Mr. Rod Print
Managing Director
64 Willow View
Kislingbury, Northants NN7 4AT
Phone +44 07710600359
Fax +44 01604832163
Email – selectcarbides@sky.com

When the company first began in 1990 it’s fair to say that we really didn’t appreciate that it could grow in to one of the most prominent and capable suppliers of tungsten carbide products in the UK.

Now, standing in the 12,500 sq ft manufacturing plant in the East Midlands, we look around at the modern, well equipped building and we’re proud of our skilled and time served team of engineers and specialists. Watching them operating a huge range of high tech machinery producing perfectly ground and polished parts for use in the Oil and Gas industry as well as for many others we do feel that in many ways we've only just started. There's always something else that can be done to improve the service, make processes more efficient generally.

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Sweden, Finland

Malar Trading
Mr. Lars Grip
Managing Director
Arnbornsg. 2
721 32 Vesteras
Phone +46 21125000
Fax +46 21130300
Email – info@malartrading.se

Malar Trading focuses on supplying high quality wear products with superior customer service.  We represent the following products including Die Quip’s line of tungsten carbide die finishing machines;

  1. Hardmetal wear parts
  2. Blackfast surface coatings
  3. Optiweld AB industrial welding
  4. Malarit Crush Coat flexible tapes
  5. Vavtid wear protection technologies
  6. Vitari Wire Forming Technology
  7. TKT Lubricant and Dies

Let us help you solve your wear product problems.

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Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine

Weber CoMechanics
Mr. Sergey Ananiev
Email – ananiev@weber.ru

Mr. Evgeniy Denisov – Ukraine
Email – denisov@weber.ru

1st Frezernaya Str., 2/1 bldg, 10
109202 Moscow
Phone +7 4951058887
Fax +7 4955189019

Weber CoMechanics is a leading supplier of capital equipment and supplies into the Russian metals industries.  Our wire division represents the following companies along with Die Quip;

  1. GCR Eurodraw
  2. DEM Rolling Technology
  3. Schnell Reinforcement Processing Equipment
  4. Clifford Welding Solutions
  5. Ideal Welding Solutions
  6. Vitari Wire Forming Technology
  7. TKT Lubricant and Dies
  8. Enkotec Nail Machines

Contact us for all of your wire production needs.

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Mr. Muhtesem Haciomeroglo
Managing Director
Ivedik o.s.b.
22. CAD, 689, Sok. No: 40
Phone +90 3123947070
Fax +90 3123940055
Email – info@omerler.com.tr

ÖMERLER LTD was established in August 1989 as an engineering and sales representation company for the Turkish wire industry.   The Mission of ÖMERLER LTD is to provide quality products with state of the art machinery and processes.

Within this context, ÖMERLER LTD has begun to cooperate with the leading suppliers to the wire industry worldwide, on a representation basis. ÖMERLER LTD continues to resolve the problems of our customers, in cooperation with the companies represented.

Die Production and refurbishing

ÖMERLER LTD has expanded its activities to cover the production and refurbishing of carbide dies by starting a die shop in August 1995.  The production of brand new dies has begun in August 1996, after having gained experience in refurbishing.   ÖMERLER LTD, believes that "quality products can only be made of quality raw materials" so we use the nibs/pellets of well-known manufacturers whose quality has been proven for years in our dies.

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KJ Thompson Marketing
Mr. Ken Thompson
Managing Director
27-115 Wright Cresent
Kingston, Ontario K7L 4T8
Phone +1 6135450488
Email – kjtmkt@sympatico.ca

K.J. Thompson Marketing, experience serving the Canadian Wire and Cable industry for over 30 years. Other products and services available include

  1. Drawing and Stranding Lubricants and Filtration Media (RichardsApex Inc.)
  2. Liquid Filtration Systems (Filtertech Inc.)
  3. Wire Straighteners, Pullers and Guide Roller Assemblies (Sjogren Industries Inc.)
  4. Wire and strip cold welders and dies (Koldweld LLC)
  5. PCD, SCND, Carbide Drawing and Stranding dies, round, shaped and rework service (Summit City Ent. Inc.)
  6. In-Line Resistance Annealing Rings
  7. Hubs and Bands
  8. Pay-off and Take-up Equipment
  9. Tension Control Systems
  10. Pulleys and Sheaves

K.J. Thompson Marketing -- How can we be of service?

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Tunisia, Algeria, Libya

Mr. Mezri Soussi
1, Avenue Habib Bourguiba
5000 Monastir
Phone +216 98 40 54 56
Email - mezri.soussi@planet.tn

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